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Top Game: Baggio's Magical Kicks

We're kicking off our brand new Games blog with possibly the best football game ever created - Roberto Baggio's Magical Kicks.

This was/is easily the most addictive football game on the net, and has been ever since it took up so, so many hours of my time when I should have been studying at University!  It's not about trying to beat your mate at penalties, or watching some scratchy graphic push an over-sized football into the net, but trying to find free-kick perfection!

Whilst the game-play is incredibly simple (three mouse-clicks does it), the difficult bit is trying to find the right trajectory, direction and spin to make sure it gets up and over the wall, and finds the one spot in the goal that the keeper can't get to!

Lets be honest, we've all fancied ourselves as brilliant free-kick takers.  Everyone wants that hero moment where the ball flies into the net, the crowd are in a stunned, hushed silence, and your team-mates are suddenly all over you.  In our minds we see ourselves neatly chipping the ball over the wall and into the top corner, but in reality its going either way, way over the bar, or being smashed into the row of ten seemingly gigantic players that stand between you and the goal.

This game allows you to become a master of those free-kicks.  Yes, you're on the computer and not out in the park with your mates, and yes, you probably wont get the same euphoric feeling that comes from having a few thousand fans chanting your name, but you still feel pretty good.  And it does save you having to go and get the ball back each time you want to try again!

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Did you beat 5 Passion Cups?  We got to 5 Passion Cups before the boss told us to stop playing and do some real work! Tell us how you got on at our facebook or twitter pages! :)

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Totally not as easy as it looks - how did you get past the first stage?!

Posted: Tuesday 29th March 2011 14:04 by Lol

I used to play this all the time! Like, literally ALL THE TIME! :)

Posted: Tuesday 29th March 2011 13:16 by Rick

Totally love this game - though had to leave after 2 passion cups - will be back later!

Posted: Tuesday 29th March 2011 12:58 by Emily


Posted: Tuesday 29th March 2011 12:57 by Tommy

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