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Game: Keepie Uppies

It's a lazy Thursday afternoon. The sun is shining outside, and its a beautiful day. The only problem is that you're not allowed out to play, because you have work to do / disertations to write / no friends.

You're struggling to remember what is was exactly that you were supposed to be doing, because your mind keeps wandering outside, and you find yourself aimlessly staring into the distance, where the people seem to be lying around on the grass, in the sun, enjoying themselves and eating ice-creams. If only....

Now is not the time for work! But you can't leave your desk or you'll get sacked / grounded / made to wash the car. So why not stay where you are, and simply play one of the most infuriating games of all time instead?!

We've managed to find another classic (following from our Roby Baggio one) - Keepie Uppies. Everyone must remember the one smug kid at school who could supposedly reach 1027 keepie-uppies in the brief period you were actually allowed on the old faithful BBC computers during break-time, and now that you're older, wiser, and with better mouse-control, here is your chance to be that smug kid!

The game is simple - click your mouse furiously to keep the ball up in the air. In spite of the fact that its difficult to be any good at it, there is something addictive about it, that just makes you want to go again. and again. And again.

Well done to charity Football Aid for inventing it, and heres to a lazy, distinctly unproductive Thurday afternoon.

Play the game... (click on the ball)

Did you beat us?In our office the top score (so far!) is 36. Tell us how you got on in our comments below, at our facebook page or thru twitter! :)

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I got 45 :) A lucky go where I caught the ball between my mouse and the wall!

Posted: Thursday 07th April 2011 16:47 by Irish

Love it! 25 ftw

Posted: Thursday 07th April 2011 16:34 by Edz

Play the Game...