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Game: Goalkeeper

Make sure you've got the sound on when you attempt our latest game - Goalkeeper!  It's an addictive game that will let you keep playing all afternoon, as long as you have the energy!

The premise of the game is that your out on the training pitch with your coach.  We're not entirely sure why the game is called 'Goalkeeper', because you are basically trying to score goals at the same time as knocking people over (you get more points for knocking the ones who are further away).

Whilst the gameplay is good, the best part of the game is the coach, who either completely slates you for you poor attempts, orcomes out with mildly nonsensical comments such as 'I love the smell of freshly cut grass'.  Thats why you HAVE to play it with the sound on (though start it off on low volume as there is some music at the start).

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How did you get on? We're not entirely sure what constitutes a good score on this game, because our top score of 352 was still deemed as 'Rubbish', and we were told to take up knitting instead!?  Let us know what he says when you get better scores below, on our  facebook page, or via twitter.


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