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The Rich List

It's that time of year again - whilst over 50m people scrape their pennies together to try and get through to their next payday (and maybe have enough left over for a ticket to the match), there are some super-wealthy people around us, who don't really need to have any inclination of what stuff is worthy.  "A pint of milk is fifty quid, you say?  Here you go..."  We take a look at football richest men....

5. Joe Lewis (Tottenham Hotspur)
With a man like 'Appy 'Arry Redknapp as the team's manager, wheeling here and dealing there, you kind of expect Tottenham Hotspur to be pretty skint. In truth, they have one of the richest owners in football, who seems to be happy enough to bankroll another spending spree this summer - regardless of whether they get Champions League football. With £2.7 billion in the bank, Spurs can afford to turn down derisory £50m bids for their star man Gareth Bale.

4. Roman Abramovich £7.4bn (Chelsea)
Roman's cheque-book wasn't closed for long - after two seasons of relatively small spending, he spunked £50m on one player alone (Torres), as well as another £23m to take David Luiz to Stamford Bridge - and both on the same day! With Chelsea looking like finishing second this year, boss Carlo Ancelotti (if he's still there) will have a hefty wedge to play with. Abramovich can afford anything up to £7.4 billion for a player, and still have some money left over to buy a hotdog with.

3. Alisher Usmanov (Arsenal)

Alisher Usmanov appears to be being hard-done to by the Arsenal board. In the fight for the club, the other directors chose to sell their shares to rich American Stan Kroenke instead of the super-rich Russian. Instead of those ticket hikes, and a potentially leverged buyout (no one is quite sure where the money is coming from), they could have had an owner who counts his £198m stake in Arsenal as a bit of fun to keep himself entertained on Saturday afternoons. He's worth £8 bn.

2. Laksmi Mittal (QPR)
Queens Park Rangers fans had much to smile about over the weekend - not only were the club promoted to the Premier League, but it was also confirmed that their owner Laksmi Mittal is the richest man in Britain, with a fortune of over £17 billion pounds.  Expect a busy summer QPR fans! :)

1. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan (Manchester City)
It should come as no surprise to anyone that Manchester City have one of the richest men in the world as their backers. After spending sprees in consecutive seasons, City now have some fantastic players, and are on course to take their first ever spot in the Champions League. Mancini has the squad settled down, but when you're boss has £20 billion in the bank, why would you not go out and buy yourself another few top-class players in the summer....?


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I wish I had even 1% of that!

Posted: Monday 09th May 2011 15:50 by Wishes

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