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England's Brazil 2014 Team!

It’s not too often that being compared to the Germans is actually a good thing, but this morning Fabio Capello was full of praise for the youngsters who gave the country so much optimism on Tuesday night, saying that “people will talk about us like they did about Germany.”

With Welbeck, Jarvis, Wilshere and Andy Carroll bought into the team instead of the usual old duffers, England actually looked good. There were obvious parallels to the youthful German side who stunned us at the World Cup, with constant movement, solid passing, and even a flair going forwards (something you couldn’t exactly say last year, when all our attacking hopes were placed on the creative genius of Emile Heskey and Peter Crouch!)

Is it any coincidence that England played über-brilliant when the average age of the players was the lowest it has been since the early 1990s? We think not, which is why we’re proposing that England should go the whole hog, and put the likes of Ferdinand, Terry, Lampard and co out to pasture sooner rather than later!

Unfortunately Fabio (and probably the rest of the sports media) have their favourites, and wouldn’t countenance leaving Rio et al out in 2012, so these guys might just have to wait until 2014 before they finally get the chance to make the first-team places their own.

All being well THIS will be the team that takes the field in the Maracana for the 2014 World Cup Final (though, we’ll probably lose against a German side that relies heavily on its experienced players – you just can’t win!)...

Joe Hart, Manchester City – 26 years old in 2014

Kyle Walker, Tottenham Hotspur - 23
Micah Richards, Manchester City - 25
Chris Smalling, Manchester United - 25
Kieran Gibbs, Arsenal - 24

Theo Walcott, Arsenal - 25
Jack Wilshere, Arsenal - 22
Jordan Henderson, Sunderland - 23
Adam Johnson, Manchester City - 25

Danny Welbeck, Manchester United - 23
Andy Carroll, Liverpool - 25

What do you think? Is there anyone we’ve missed? Put your version of the 2014 England team in the comments section below, and if you’re spot on come the first game in the 2014 World Cup, we’ll give you a full-time scouting job for CTP, and full control of our Football Manager reserve team!

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I think Martin Kelly at right back and Rooney instead of Welbeck would work better. Other than that..Awesome team.

Posted: Thursday 31st March 2011 22:51 by Ajay

Thats team would be SIICCCKK!

Posted: Thursday 31st March 2011 18:43 by Danny

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