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How much is Gareth Bale worth?

It’s August 31st 2011, and your team’s manager and chairman are putting together a last-minute deadline day bid for one of the hottest properties in world football – a 22 year old left winger who can run the 100m in just over 10 seconds, who has a cultured left foot, a fantastic attitude, and a fearless ambition to become the very best. How much would you want them to pay to get him playing for YOUR side?

Last night, Harry Redknapp intimated that it would take upwards of 80 million pounds to for any club to sign their latest wonder-boy, Gareth Bale, breaking the global transfer record that was last smashed when Cristiano Ronaldo moved from Manchester to Madrid.

If it was your team, would you be happy they had spent £80m on a single player who may or may not get injured, get suspended or lose form and fitness? Even if he managed to win you the Champions League single-handedly, there would still be massive question marks on his effectiveness. Fernando Torres moved for £50m, and he has yet to score a goal for Chelsea (something Daniel Sturridge, deemed ‘not experienced enough’ by the powers that be, has been doing for fun in a Bolton shirt recently).

We’re joining forces with other Facebook fan pages as we ask the killer question – How much would you be happy for YOUR club to pay for Gareth Bale?

As a guide price, here are some of the most recent high-profile transfers…

Fernando Torres (Liverpool - Chelsea) £50m
Andy Carroll (Newcastle - Liverpool) £35m
Dimitar Berbatov (Spurs - Man Utd) £30.75m
Rio Ferdinand (Leeds - Man Utd) £29.1m
Wayne Rooney (Everton - Man Utd) £27m

You can leave comments below, and then take part in the online poll on facebook.com/contacttheplayers.

We’ll keep you posted on the results….

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I think about £25m is right. anything more than that would be wrong.

Posted: Tuesday 05th April 2011 13:47 by Yemma

£80m?! You're having a giraffe!

Posted: Tuesday 05th April 2011 10:23 by Bennyboy

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