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Greatest Football Films

There's not been much by way of 'classic' football on the box over the last few weeks, so, whilst we wait for the Prem to get back under way, we've been busying ourselves with watching classic football movies to get our football fix!

We've teamed up with LoveFilm so that you can watch them too - for FREE!  Read our reviews, and if you like the sound of any of them, you can get 2 weeks FREE access to each and every film on LoveFilm.com and see them for yourselves! :)  We'd love to hear what your reviews!  So, in no order, here's some of our favourites:

Goal 1 (2005)
The first in a three-part Goal trilogy. This first part follows the exploits of Santiago Munoz as he makes his way from Mexico to the dizzy heights of Newcastle United FC (Well, they had to find room to allow him to play for better teams in the next two movies!) This first film is compelling viewing, and everyone wants Santiago to prove he can cut it in the Prem. Best to avoid the second and third films in the trilogy though - much of the funding was cut, so the cast and scripts become a little weak... unless you're a massive Santiago Munoz fan?

Escape to Victory (1981)
Pele, arguably the greatest footballer ever, versus the Germans. Who would you have your money on?! Yes, in this movie we go back to war-time Germany, where Pele, Bobby Moore and the likes of Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone are Prisoners of War. Somehow they find themselves challenged to a football match against the German National side, which they are expected to lose in front of Hitler. They have the chance to escape through a trap-door at half-time, but would the Allied troops ever want to give Germany the satisfaction of victory?

Bend it like Beckham (2002)
One for the ladies! Trick your girlfriend in to watching a football film by stealth. This one is about a young girls team (including Keira Knightley) trying to make their way up the greasy football ladder, the hard way. Some gritty emotional stuff, but mostly it's all about the football. Plus a few dramatic scenes in the changing rooms. No, not like that!

Looking for Eric (2009)
Although not strictly a football film, who hasn't ever dreamt that they could talk to their favourite football player of all time?! And in this film, that actually comes true! Eric Cantona stars (playing himself) as he gives guidance and support to a depressed postman in Manchester, and helps him back on to his feet. A truly heart-warming tale, well written and well cast, and made more money at Box Offices in Manchester than Lord of the Rings when it was released. Probably.

The Football Factory (2005)
So we've covered the drama side of football in Escape to Victory, and the romantic side in Goal and Bend it like Beckham. Time for something a bit more hard-core: The Football Factory follows a group of skin-head hooligans as they make their way through another tough season of fighting and violence on the terraces (It's hard to imagine that this is what football used to be about for some people?) But will anything be able to make these people change their ways...? 

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