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Football Classics on LoveFilm

Last week we reviewed the world's best football movies. But it's not that often that a film can capture the true essence of sport in a believable and realistic way - there is quite simply no way that a script can ever reproduce the drama from sporting moments.

That's why it's great that LoveFilm also have a range of classic football matches on their shelves. Remember these?

Champions League Final 1999 - Manchester United v Bayern Munich

Another classic England v Germany game! You can probably remember where you were when Solskjaer won it? Ask every United fan in the world, and they certainly can. After conceding a spurious free-kick early doors, United struggled to match their German opposition. With time fast running out, United get a corner, and even Schmeichel - the United keeper - makes his way up the field. Two goals in Injury time win the Champions League for United, and leave Bayern players in crumpled messes aroung the park. The most exciting Champions League final game ever....

Champions League Final 2005 - Liverpool v AC Milan

...until 2003! This final reads a bit like a film script: A jaded team play hopelessly in the first half of an inmportant match, and end up trailing badly by half time. With an inspiring half-time team talk and a quick change of tactics being the equivalent of a video montage, the Reds arrive back on the field with renewed vigour and vitality, managing to take their nasty Italian rivals to penalties! As Andy Gray said at the time: What a game! The most exciting game ever!

World Cup Final 1966 - England v Germany

Everyone has heard so much about the win, and we've constantly had to watch in anguish as England have under-achieved in big tournaments ever since, but how many of you have actually watched the match? Sir Alf Ramsey and Sir Bobby Moore leading a team of English youngsters to the nations' only ever World Cup victory. It has real drama and passion throughout, and the result - and the World Cup - is only settled in extra time! Hat-tricks, controversial decisions, great goals - A classic!

World Cup Semi Final 2006 - Italy v Germany

The most exhilirating games are the ones that have you on the edge of your seat and almost unable to watch the screen. If that's what you're after, then cheer on Italy in this modern classic game. Germany, at home, were completely outplayed by the Italians, but Italy just couldn't find the net. Worse - the Germans have an impeccable record in Penalty shoot-outs, and there are just minutes of extra-time left to be played. Goals in the 119th and 120th minute secure the victory, and the right end to an epic match!

ALL of the above matches are available to be watch online immediatley, and for FREE!  Click here to sign up for 2 weeks FREE access to LoveFilm.com.  (Once the trial has ended you WILL be charged, but you can cancel for free at any time in the first 2 weeks).


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