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Game: Bicycle Kick Champion

We've got another game for you to spend all afternoon clicking around on - Bicycle Kick Champion!

As the name suggests, your aim is to become a champion Bicycle Kicker - which means beating the goalie from all angles with your kicking genius.

The game is easy to play and addictive once you get going. As the ball gets crossed in from the left you simply click when you want your player to do a head-over-heels bicycle kick, smashing the ball towards goal. With a goalkeeper and defenders to get in the way, it soon becomes a real challenge to get the ball hitting the back of the net.

For some reason we most enjoyed it when playing as Cristiano Ronaldo, but that might be because we took some odd satisfaction from seeing him flouncing around on the floor, which happens whenever you click too early or late to connect with the ball. :)

Play the game... (wait for the adverts to load, and then ignore them and click 'Play Game')

How did you get on? If you're beating our score of 900 in the 90 seconds then you're doing well! Tell us how you did in the comments below or on our facebook page

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lets try

Posted: Friday 22nd April 2011 15:40 by Toyin

Play the Game...